Our values

The AIPF’s values

We hold the firm conviction that French bread constitutes a highly original and top quality European standard for bread and that it should be widely publicized around the world.

We believe that the fundamentals of French bread making advocated by Professor Calvel (moderate kneading, pre-fermentation and baking in a refractory oven, an energy-saving method) are still completely relevant today. However, we are firmly rooted in modern-day bread making and the talks and discussions that we organize and publish aim to provide industry professionals with useful information.

We attach great importance to training the men and women who take up the profession and we are very open to professional interaction, with our network being the basis for this.

Although we are passionate about French bread and its diversity, we are also interested in all the breads of the world made with respect for tradition.

Profile of a typical AIPF member

The typical AIPF member is a flour, wheat and bread industry professional keen to keep up to speed with French and international bread making trends and innovations. Our members include millers and bakers, whatever the size of their business, as well as raw ingredients suppliers and bread making equipment manufacturers. They make up and bring alive the association. They all relish taking part in the key annual events which are the general assembly, trade fairs and our technical day.

Talks on topical issues enable members to update their knowledge and site visits reveal the progress being made on bread making equipment.

Quality bread production methods and the ensuing discussions bind the group together.