About us

Committed to good bread

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Our association was founded in 1986 by Professor Calvel, the man behind the worldwide development of French-style bread making, and was initially known as the Amicale Calvel, before changing its name in 2014 to the AIPF (International Association for French Bread – R. Calvel).As the leading meeting place for bread making industry professionals, the association now boasts over 270 members who are “committed to good bread” from countries all over the world.

The AIPF aims to facilitate contact between professionals and to help raise the profile of French bread worldwide. The association seeks to foster the sharing of knowledge and expertise to the benefit of all the stakeholders involved in the wheat/flour/bread industry and runs talks and meetings on academic and technical topics. The sociable ambience and camaraderie at these gatherings are the association’s core values.

The bakers, millers, yeast makers, equipment manufacturers and representatives of organisations and associations who are members of AIPF all want to promote and ensure the sustainability of attractive tasty bread.

The AIPF is also a source of vital academic and technical information thanks to its twice-yearly publication Fidèles au bon pain: the publication includes the text of the year’s talks, profiles of leading lights in the baking industry, technical articles about the various business sub-sectors, and reviews of books that may enhance the bookshelves of well-informed and open-minded professionals.

Nowadays, 270 passionate professionals bring alive our association all around the world and are the guardians of its ethos.

Why join AIPF – R. Calvel? Help spread the culture of good bread

  • Get involved in a discussion group.
  • Share experiences.
  • Receive Fidèles au Bon Pain twice a year. Our industry publication contains personal accounts, experiences, research reviews, technical dossiers, and bread making-related history.
  • Take part every year in an ‘informal technical day’ focusing on a relevant industry issue at a symbolic venue.
  • Read reviews of books published about the wheat/bread/flour industry.