A message from the president

Right from the start, the Amicale Calvel association sought to share and offer its members high-quality technical articles and information and recipes from all those involved in bread making.

HubertChiron_PortraitThe association was keen to convey a more open and contemporary image and therefore selected a new name in early 2014 – AIPF, i.e. the Association Internationale du Pain Français or the International Association for French Bread – with R. Calvel appearing in its logo in tribute to the association’s founder, the professor of baking, Raymond Calvel.

Over 270 members of 20 different nationalities share an irrepressible passion for quality bread and constitute a solid network. The AIPF is highly representative of the talents in the various sectors of the bread making and associated products industry. The association is independent and attentive to all the sector innovations.

Do you have a passion for quality bread, whatever the type? Don’t delay, join us today!

Hubert Chiron
President of the AIPF